There is a fundamental difference between a canoe and a kayak. Kayaks are enclosed and have a front and rear deck, the paddler sits in a cockpit and usually paddles with a double paddle. A canoe is open and has no deck, the paddler(s) use a single bladed paddle.

We prefer to use open canoes for our water based activities as they are much easier to paddle and are far more comfortable than a kayak. Open boating is great fun and is an ideal way of coming face to face with the wildlife of the river environment. They also allow you to stretch your legs, dangle them over the side and even stand up if you want to! Steering is generally carried out by the paddler in the rear of the boat.

Most of our water based activities are carried out on easy moving water. You will be guided down the river by an experienced river leader who will be on hand at all times to ensure you get the most out of your trip.

We will provide basic instruction in using the equipment and river safety and before you set off downstream you will have learnt to control the boat and have the basic paddling skills to enjoy your trip. However there may be occasions when river conditions are not suitable for recreational paddling and we reserve the right to cancel canoeing activities in these circumstances in the interests of your personal safety.

Our most popular trip is on the River Wye from Glasbury to Hay on Wye, a river distance of some 5 miles. This is a lovely section of this historic river and there are plenty of places en-route for stops and swims. On arriving at Hay most people want to have some time to explore the miriad of bookshops in the town and have at least one cup of tea and a cake!

All additional specialist equipment is provided, this includes boyancy aid, wetsuit, paddle jacket, helmet and waterproof container for personal belongings.


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